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  • Fashion Fades & Tapers

    This service includes all cuts using 0.5 and balding machine. This service includes a consultation, balding of the head with a machine that will make your head so smooth you won't believe it. Then your hair is blended. Blow-dried and styled with product to finish your desired look. Complimentary Hot Towel to end service. A beer per client over 18 or house cocktail. We also make tea and coffee.

    No Alcohol under 18 years

    we look forward to meeting you  🙂

    35 minutes, £28.00

  • Luxury Wet Shave

    Total Luxuary Wet Shave 45 mins to unwind and treat yourself. ideal birthday or fathers day Gift.

    We will start with a consultation, in some cases we will shave the hair down first. thisn will depend on the lenght and thickness.

    We then apply by massaging in a pre Shave Oil, Balm or Creme along with a hot towel, you will be relaxing down at this point. 

    Next step we apply with either brush on or massage in luxury Shave Creme over your beard area. We shave 2x depending on yuour sensitivity.

    Cold towel will be applied to remove excess Creme and close pores. this is very cold but will leave you feeling like you have just had a face lift. 10 years younger :)

    finally your choice of either Face Balm or  After Shave Lotion

    We reccommend and offer a drink of choice on the Sofa afterwards.

    Tea, Coffee, Water, A beer or our specially made Cocktail.  

    35 minutes, £38.00

  • Luxury Beard Trim

    This is an indulgent Luxury Beard trim, 20 mins and easy to fit into your day along with your haircut. Very relaxing.

    First we will trim down your beard hair to desired lenghts while sitting in a more upright postion. this avoids hair falling into the mouth, after we lay you back and apply some soothing oil & hot towels this is where you will start to relax.

    We apply luxurious shave cream and razor unwanted hair under and above your beard. More hot towesl applied to remove excess cream. This really give a clean fresh feel.

    Removing all lose hairs we will then apply your choice of fininshing products,beard balm, beard foam or beard oil. A splash of aftershave too.

    Fully awakening you and feeling energised, we hope you enjoy this service and look forward to meeting you

    20 minutes, £18.50

  • Express Beard Trim

    This is a quick 10 mins service with no frills but you will i promise leave feeling re-freshed and smelling of good with your choice of beard product be that balm,foam or oil.

    First Step is to remove beard lenght and to shape under and above with both electric shaver and razor those top lines in. . 


    15 minutes, £13.00

  • Electric Head Shave

    This is a shave with our super smooth electric shaver. You won't believe how smooth this really is ! Quick and effective. Great for sensitive skin. Aftershave Balm or olive oil spray for after with a head massage. We also use a hot towel. 🙂 Spritz of aftershave

    15 minutes, £17.50

  • Senior Special Cut 65+

    This service includes a consultation, we will use either scissors or clipper or both, blow-dry, finished with a product that is right for your hair style and type. A luxury hot towel, Splash of aftershave to make you feel a million dollars. Beverages, hot or a cold beer even a cocktail maybe.

    Cut below no 1 grade will be charged as a fashion fade taper cut £28.00

    We look forward to meeting you 😊

    25 minutes, £21.50

  • Crew Cut 1 or 2 Grades All Over Head Shave No1 To No4 Clipper Grade

    This haircut will include a consultation, longer clipper grade on top and 1 other clipper grade on sides and back. We will taper the neck and sideburns, use a razor around the edges. Lastly a splash of scalp tonic and a head massage. Refreshing and tingly 😊 hot towel is lovely don't miss out on that too 😊

    Minimum to Maximum Grade No1 to No4. Over this Grade will be classesed as a Classic Cut. Please Book Classic Cut

    Any Age 

    Beer or cocktail for over 18s or hot beverage and lollipop for the under 18s


    15 minutes, £12.50

  • Classic Gents Cut 15+

    Classic Cut is a Clipper Cut from Grade No1 on the clippers upwards or scissors all over.we will tidy the very edges with 0.5 if requested or we feel it needs it. Extra sharp look.

    This service includes a consultation, cut and a blow-dry . Finished with product of your choice and a luxury Hot Towel to end your service.  For the over 18s you may have a complimentary beer, house cocktail or Tea/coffee. 

    We look forward to meeting you 😊


    30 minutes, £24.00

  • Young Man's Cut 0 -14

    This service includes a consultation, cut and blow-dry. Finished with your choice of ;product or a Product we reccomend for your hair type and Style. There will be a luxury Hot Towel to end your service. Lollipop on leaving 🍭

    all cuts below no 1 grade will be charged as a fashion fade taper cut of £28.00

    we look forward to meeting you 😊


    25 minutes, £21.50

  • Back Wax

    Back wax. 

    40 minutes, £35.00

  • Arms & Shoulders Wax

    30 minutes, £35.00

  • Shoulders Wax

    15 minutes, £20.00

  • Arm Wax

    15 minutes, £20.00

  • Chest Wax

    Chest wax only

    20 minutes, £25.00

  • Stomach & Chest Wax

    35 minutes, from £35.00

  • 1/2 Leg Wax

    25 minutes, from £30.00

  • Full Leg Wax

    40 minutes, from £50.00

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  • Beard Line Up

    Beard Line Up is quick service to keep your beard looking its best without removing and lenght off the beard its self. 

    We will use either gel or cream, beard trimmers and razor, 

    A Hot Towel after and some bread foam which if refreshing and  will make you feel like you've just had a face lift.


    10 minutes, £9.00

  • Electric Face Shave

    This service will give you an unbelievably smooth finish without any skin irritation what so ever. We finish this service with your choice of product. After Balm, or astringent foam.

    a tea coffee beer or a cocktail 😀

    we look forward to meeting you

    15 minutes, £17.50

  • Nose Waxing

    This service is for guy with a lot of nostril  hair poking out of their nose.

    Waxing of the inner hairs of the nose and only those hairs around the opening, it's really not as painful as you may believe.

    Waxing removes the hairs from the root so the growing back time will last a very long time compared to using nose trimmers so
    why not give it a try, you will feel very clean and groomed.

    If you have 3 waxing services together you will receive £5 off

    Other waxing services are Eyebrows and Ears

    5 minutes, £10.00

  • Eyebrow Waxing

    Eyebrow. Waxing is a service to remove those unwanted hairs that grow low on your eyelids and those that grow way above the natural shape of the eyebrows.

    This may seem like going over the top for some of you guys but it really does open up your eyes and makes a big difference to your look. 

    if your feeling tired looking this will weaken your eye up and you will look brighter and younger. Once tried you will be hooked. Not as painful as you may believe it to be. 

    If you have all 3 services you will receive a £5 discount

    Other waxing services 

    Nose & Ears

    5 minutes, £10.00

  • Ear Waxing

    Ear waxing covers the waxing of the outer ear and lobe also the inner ear where most guys have a lot of hair. Not down the ear !

    Waxing this area means no more ear trimmers. The hairs will grow at a much slower speed and over time become finer and softer as the hair are taken out from the roots. 

    If you do have very hairy ears this is a service definitely for you. You'll feel very clean and look youthful and groomed.


    If you have all 3 wax services you will receive a £5 discount

    Other wax services 

    Nose & Eyebrows

    5 minutes, £10.00

  • Hair Shampooed & Conditioned

    Hair wash if required or requested will be an add on service if barber feels it is needed. Booking service too.

    5 minutes, £6.50

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